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SharePoint User Custom Action Manager (SPUserCustomActionManagerOnline) is a free tool to easily add, update, and remove Custom Action Scripts in SharePoint. In a few seconds you can connect to SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, and SharePoint Online (Office 365) and add JavaScript to run on every page in your site collection! For example you can add jQuery to the entire site. The tool lets you add JavaScript code snippets (inline script blocks) directly, or you can point to an existing JavaScript file (must be found in the same SharePoint site collection), or you can do both at the same time! See the screenshots below for more information and have a look at the Intro Video to see it in action.

What is a UserCustomAction? This has been around in SharePoint since the 2010 version, it allows developers to easily add menu items, ribbon buttons/sections, and also JavaScript injection/loading (using the built-in Script Link functionality). Developers have been able to manage UserCustomActions in many ways for years, including C# and SharePoint Object Model (on premise only), C# and SharePoint Client Object Model (on premise and cloud), PowerShell (on premise only), and Sandbox Solutions. This tool focuses on the Script functionality and wraps it up in a handy Windows Form application, making it simple to add inline JavaScript or point to existing JavaScript source files. There is no built-in SharePoint admin page to manage UserCustomActions so this tool can manage ALL scripts previously loaded too.

Often it is necessary to add JavaScript to a site to extend capabilities of the SharePoint platform. For On Premise deployments you can build Visual Studio SharePoint Solution Packages that deploy JavaScript to run on every page in a few ways (user custom actions, delegate controls, custom user controls). Or you can add the Scripts to the Master Page directly. However, regularly updating your master page might cause problems (or be prohibited) (and discouraged in Office 365). Also, deploying Visual Studio SharePoint Solutions (WSPs) to Office 365 has recently been blocked (sandbox solutions deprecated). Fortunately, SharePoint UserCustomActions are still available on all modern SharePoint platform versions, and the SharePoint Client Object Model (API) allows management of them. Developers can add scripts using C# (from a console/winforms application) or even deploy them using JavaScript in the browser.

There are a few ways to add JavaScript to every page in SharePoint, for example to change themes, add jQuery, customize UX, etc. Some of these include changing the Master Page, using delegate controls and user controls (in custom Visual Studio solution packages), and using SharePoint UserCustomActions. Typically, master page changes are the easiest way to add JavaScript to all pages in a site, but this isn't always possible (governance policies, locking changes, publishing strategies, etc). Instead of firing up Visual Studio

Source code moved to Github:

Brought to you by the creator of SPCAMLQueryHelper and SPFileZilla. I hope you enjoy this program and find it as useful as I do!

A product by Ben Steinhauser, brought to you by B&R Business Solutions,


Start tab, Login screen
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Action tab, Managing User Custom Actions
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Action tab, User Custom Actions loaded in from site collection
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Action tab, another sample User Custom Action
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About Window, extra information
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